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 Culture • Calling • Voice 

When you work with Setter Studios, you can trust us to spend time understanding your church’s calling, vision, language and culture, and to reflect all these things in our work so that the finished products feel like you. We’ve worked with church and parachurch organizations for over a decade and know how critical it is to communicate in alignment with your values and voice.  Our goal is to become a partner with you as you fulfill your specific role in  God’s mission. We believe the single most effective way to inspire lasting change in the life of your church is through stories.

Why not hire an in-house videographer?

Hiring a full-time videographer at a church is a huge investment. Finding a qualified applicant is a challenge. Investing tens of thousands of dollars in video equipment is expensive. Continually training your videographer, providing benefits, vacation time, and filling gaps between projects with busy work is a lot for you to manage. And that's just one person! What do you do when a project requires a larger productions? We're the solution for all of that. Setter Studios has the expertise, the equipment, the crew... and there's no need to pay us vacation time.

How much will this cost?

We know you're working on a budget. We've worked all sizes of organizations and budgets! If you're interested but unsure about the cost, let’s connect anyway to see if there’s a way to make it work.

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Who we are?

About Us

Setter Studios, LLC, is a boutique Video Production Company based in Southern California. Founded by Brandon & Jess Setter, we are a light-weight yet highly capable team ready for any kind of project. We handle all aspects of the video production process and specialize in short stories, corporate identity videos, promotional videos, explainer videos, and fundraiser films.

Video is the most powerful way to reach an audience today. We employ impactful storytelling, dynamic interviews, and beautiful footage to mobilize your audience to interact with your brand. Whether the goal is to fundraise for your organization, introduce your company, inspire life change or create buzz around your product, we can help you achieve your goals through the power of video.

We have over 10 years of experience filmmaking for organizations of all sizes, including corporate entities, small businesses, non-profits, churches and ministries. We've filmed everything from destination micro-documentaries to medium-scale commercial productions everywhere from Newport Beach, CA, to Uganda, Africa. We're ready for everything and anything you need!

We do what we say we will do,
when we say we will do it,
the way we say we will do it.

We've got you covered from start to finish.


Story Identification - We help you uncover the key storylines and places of momentum within your organization.

Story Ideation - We work with you to conceptualize powerful narratives and technically sound project proposals.

Story Coordination - We support you with scheduling, planning, and details required for filming your project.


Story Direction - We provide a dedicated story director on every project and every set. The story director is solely focused on drawing out the most dynamic content and is never distracted by being behind a camera or running equipment.

Story Team - We bring in some of the best videographers and crew that are all Christ followers.

Story Equipment - We provide all the camera, audio, lighting, and rigging gear necessary to capture stunning audio and visuals.

See What We've Done for Other Churches

Story-Boarding - We send you a complete storyboard that includes concept and approach, story flow with all sound bites and titles, b-roll plan, and any animation ideas. You approve your project storyboard before we start editing.

Story Editing -Our video editors have years of experience executing all aspects of file capturing, data management, and timeline editing.

Story Satisfaction - We’ll get it right for you, that’s our promise.

The entire Setter Studios team are by far the best production company I have ever worked with. Yes, they are fantastic cinematographers, editors, and all around story tellers, but the best part about them is the time they take to build relationships with their clients. There's nothing better than having A+ content and really enjoying making it. 100% Recommend to a friend!
Setter Studios are talented filmmakers and so great to work with. They are remarkably organized, stay on schedule, and easy to communicate with throughout any project. More recently we worked on a creative video that involved an abstract concept with compelling storytelling. They absolutely nailed it! All other storytelling videos with them have been inspiring and compelling, capturing the attention of our intended audience and mobilizing them. All that to say, Jess and Brandon are fantastic and I would highly recommend using them for any style shoot.
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We have the best clients! We've worked with amazing Christian influencers like Bethany Hamilton and Kirk Cameron; impactful ministries like Alpha USA, David C Cook, Billy Graham Association, World Help and Hume Lake Christian Camps; dynamic churches like Rockharbor Church, Vintage Church and Inland Hills Church; corporate giants like iBaseT and Stickermule; and leading educational institutions like Biola University, Cal Poly Pomona and beyond.

We are passionate about everyone out there doing good!

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