Second Harvest Food Bank Virtual Event "No Lunch Lunch"

Virtual Events

This 2021 Bronze Telly Award Winning premium virtual event was our highest level production package we offer, including all of the short films included in the virtual event, staging and design of the warehouse, filming of the virtual event, motion graphics throughout the piece, and editing. Second Harvest opted for a fully pre-recorded virtual event so they could guarantee a truly seamless production for the audience as well as ensure every ounce of included content was perfectly crafted. Whenever possible we recommend a pre-recorded virtual event to ensure you truly have a polished event.

CreditsDP/Director Brandon Setter, Setter Studios
Creative/Camera Op Jess Setter, Setter Studios
Camera Op Clint Popineau
Camera Op Evan Walker
Lighting Alex Rodriguez
Production SoundKyle Deshazo
Exec Director Harald Herrmann, Second Harvest Food Bank Orange County
Exec Producer Claudia Bonilla Keller, Second Harvest Food Bank Orange County
Producer Woody Smith, Second Harvest Food Bank Orange County
Coordinator Susan Martin, Second Harvest Food Bank Orange County
Motion Animator Paul Slemmer

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