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Pre-Produciton: Every project starts with the bidding and pitching process where we: outline the scope of work, find a budget, and proceed with pre-production. That includes: writing, logistics, cast & crew selection, location scouting, booking, travel planning, and storyboarding.

So, how long does all of this take?
This process can range from a few weeks to several months depending on the scope of work.
We like to take the extra time in this phase because it's critical to know what your video will look and have a clear plan before we even hit record.


Production: "Lights, Camera, Action!" This is when all of the planning becomes a reality. Cameras, crew, and gear arrive on-location. We capture your amazing content and footage. AND we have a blast working on this together!

So, how long does all of this take?
Our corporate projects range from 1-2 days typically; while a Docuseries film typically ranges from 2-4 days of filming plus travel; with e-courses sometimes taking up to a week. It all depends on the scope of the work.


Post-Production Phase 1: This is where the "magic" really happens - taking all that we’ve filmed into editing!

Let’s use a Docuseries as the example (most projects follow a similar roadmap):
The Paper Edit: We capture and transcribe all of the interviews to text. Using the text we create a “paper edit” of how we envision the video being cut. As the client you’ll approve the paper version before we begin to put together the first cut of the actual video!

Editing: We take all of the interviews, b-roll footage and craft a beautiful story.

Title & Logo Animations: Incorporating your branding into the film with name titles and logos.

First Cut: How exciting! The moment you get to see the video for the first time in it’s rough form!

So, how long does all of this take?
Most of the time editing takes 2 weeks deepening on the scope of the work.

But we’re not quite done…

Final Delivery

Revisions: We do 1-2 rounds of revisions with you make final tweaks to lock-in the final film.

Color Correction: when the footage come straight out of the camera in its "RAW" state, this is the phase where we process that footage to pull out all of the deep color and make it look amazing.

Sound Design: where we enhance and design the sound effects.

So, how long does all of this take?
Most of the time these phrases can happen simultaneously and takes about 2 weeks depending on the scope of work.

Now the film is ready for delivery! Your video is stunning to look at, immersive to listen to, and ready for the world to see!

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