What we do

Docuseries are a collection of documentary style films to help your audience connect with you in a deeper way. A branded docuseries captures stories from your customers or staff to tell the “whole” story of who you are and why you love doing what you do.
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We capture the WHY behind what you do, and share your unique purpose and story with the world.
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Non Profit
Inspire people to join your mission for world-change by telling the stories of the lives your organization is helping every day.
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Utilize the power of video to share your brilliant ideas through an online course.
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We’ve worked with Christian organizations for over a decade and know and we were even full-time staff at a mega-church for 8 years prior to launching our production company. We know how critical it is to communicate in alignment with your values and voice. Our goal is to become a partner with you as you fulfill your specific role and mission. We believe the single most effective way to inspire lasting change in the life of your ministry is through stories.
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Our event films remind you what it was like to be there by highlighting the best moments of your event and capturing what made it special.
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We uniquely partner with schools and universities to help share your vision and programs with prospective families and parents.
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